Saturday, August 19, 2006

stand still

so i am not really losing right now. i thought i had lost one more pound while i was on vacation, but at the meeting the scales were up .2 instead. of course wearing jeans to a meeting will do that, jeans are heavy. i have been staying on track for the most part but one day last week i went way over on accident. we went out to eat with some friends....i even had soup and salad......but the i went overboard on the 'extras' around me.

on the bright side:

i went on vacation and stayed on plan and wrote points down everyday and only went over twice by a tiny bit, that is a major accomplishment and one that i would not have thought possible

i have stayed on track with writing down EVERY DAY for well over a month now. that is making all the difference in the world. it's amazing how little you can THINK you are having till you write it down.

i AM moving forward, because this time i am sticking with it and i am not stopping till i reach my goal......even then this new way of life will continue.

i have come too far to go back now..........


At 6:07 PM, Anonymous mom said...

everyone knows that jeans weigh at least 3 lbs!!!
never wear them to weigh in :)
you are doing great!

At 5:52 PM, Blogger mommy zabs said...

awe man i'm sorry bout those extras at kinsale. they just so dang good. :( sorry if i was bad influence.


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