Monday, September 18, 2006

something fresh

i'm trying out a new template. i wish wish wish i knew how to make my own templates for both of my blogs. until that day comes, these will have to do.

i added some links---------------->
just some tools that i am using. "dwlz" is pretty much famous to anyone i have talked to who does weight watchers. it is genius. it has listings for pretty much any restraunt you can imagine.

things are going well. i was down a bit last week. it's going slow, but it's still going.

i have two new favorite 'grab and run' breakfast items. both are 2 points, both are individually wrapped and easy to grab and eat on the run in the morning when every second of time is precious if you are like me and NOT a morning person.

#1 weight watchers mint choclate crisp bars......very nice and i think you can only buy them at meetings

#2 bananas


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