Saturday, August 19, 2006

stand still

so i am not really losing right now. i thought i had lost one more pound while i was on vacation, but at the meeting the scales were up .2 instead. of course wearing jeans to a meeting will do that, jeans are heavy. i have been staying on track for the most part but one day last week i went way over on accident. we went out to eat with some friends....i even had soup and salad......but the i went overboard on the 'extras' around me.

on the bright side:

i went on vacation and stayed on plan and wrote points down everyday and only went over twice by a tiny bit, that is a major accomplishment and one that i would not have thought possible

i have stayed on track with writing down EVERY DAY for well over a month now. that is making all the difference in the world. it's amazing how little you can THINK you are having till you write it down.

i AM moving forward, because this time i am sticking with it and i am not stopping till i reach my goal......even then this new way of life will continue.

i have come too far to go back now..........

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


ok....i confess. i ate an extra cookie last night while i was stuck in the airport overnight waiting to fly standby this morning. it took me over about 4.5 points. however, today has been a great day.

if anyone is out there struggling with ww.....i just want to tell you that my big breakthrough with it has come since i started writing everything down. now that i am in the habit it is really not that hard. it's just about making good choices (isn't so much of life about making good choices?). you just have to choose to stick to it. writing it all down keeps you accountable.

well i just had a smart choices new york cheesecake with strawberry sauce. it is SO GOOD! 4 points of goodness!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

right in the middle

here i am right smack dab in the middle of vacation.......and sticking with the program. who would have ever dreamed it would be possible? i had a minor point overage on monday (by accident) but other than's been right on track. i've got my extra points all saved up for the weekend. so if you are out there and are wondering if you could ever stick with a new eating lifestyle....take it from me, seriously, if i can do it .. you can do it.