Sunday, September 24, 2006

calling all cooks

if you a great weight watchers style recipe (i.e. one with the points values) that you have used and love. send it to me! send me an email at meridith21 at gmail dot com and if it looks good i'll post it up here for everyone!

things are still going well. i lost 2 pounds last week! i've already gone down one jean size and the new pair i bought is getting baggy, and that is just too cool.

Monday, September 18, 2006

something fresh

i'm trying out a new template. i wish wish wish i knew how to make my own templates for both of my blogs. until that day comes, these will have to do.

i added some links---------------->
just some tools that i am using. "dwlz" is pretty much famous to anyone i have talked to who does weight watchers. it is genius. it has listings for pretty much any restraunt you can imagine.

things are going well. i was down a bit last week. it's going slow, but it's still going.

i have two new favorite 'grab and run' breakfast items. both are 2 points, both are individually wrapped and easy to grab and eat on the run in the morning when every second of time is precious if you are like me and NOT a morning person.

#1 weight watchers mint choclate crisp bars......very nice and i think you can only buy them at meetings

#2 bananas

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


i missed my meeting last week and i really find that i do miss it. tonight i go back. not sure how i will do with a birthday party and some wrestling with certain sweets. but i am still in this fight. still here, still moving forward.

Monday, September 04, 2006

sometimes up, sometimes down

i haven't posted in a bit. in between i had one incredible week (5 lb loss in one week!) and then since then i have had a birthday and right now i am on a little vacation to my dad's. so i have had some relapses. it's funny though. in the past if i was on a program and doing well and a special event came along i would just throw in the towel. somehow a combination of laziness and frustration would set in and i'd slip back slowly but surely into my old ways. this has been my pattern for the past 10 years since i had my other signifigant weight loss.

this time is different.

i could sit here and write or say that all day trying to sike myself up but i KNOW that i KNOW down deep inside that it is true. when i go home today i will continue to make good choices. sure, maybe i indulged for my birthday and on my trip.....but it's not a new habit.

it's just a different time, i can feel it in me. something changing. old thought patterns being replaced. truly i must give weight watchers alot of credit. when they tell you that going to the classes makes a huge difference they aren't just trying to sell you something. it's absolutely true. i know because it's helping me change. on the other hand, none of this change would be possible if i didn't WANT to change so badly. so you take your own motivation (whatever motivates you), some classes and the right tools then mix it in with a bunch of telling yourself you just have to do it......mix it all up and i just think you may have a formula for success. i think it's my formula anyway.