Wednesday, May 31, 2006

so here's this.

this week i gained instead of lost.
1.8 pounds.
going backward, not forward.
it's not good.
so i am to blame for this.
despite all my lofty self motivation speeches, i gave in this weekend and just had whatever i felt like. it's a bad feeling but also part of this re-programing that my head is going through. i am learning that it's just not worth it. that overindulgence is so less satisfying than all things in moderation. i am learning. i think. i hope i am. i want to change. of course part of me wants to throw in the towel. but i can't do that. i just can't. there is something in me that just won't let me settle. and i know that the way i am right now is not the way i was made to be. it's not like i have some unrealistic vision of wearing a size zero. it would just be so great to wear a tshirt and jeans and feel good and not be self concious. it would be so nice to just go to the pool and relax. not to be model thin. but just to feel normal. so for this i strive.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

another week

so i lost one more pound this week basically. it's slow, but it's way better than gaining or staying the same for that matter. my biggest challenge continues to be eating out. when i am eating the groceries i buy at home.....i am doing awesome. going out is just hard. i think i am going to have to start meeting people for coffee or tea as opposed to dinner or lunch. food is such a social thing. it's incredible how tied in it is to our social lives. i am still encouraged. this may be a slow process but i comitted to making a life long change, not just a temporary diet fix.

has anyone out there changed their eating habits for life, breaking the pattern of yo-yo dieting?

Thursday, May 18, 2006


there is no better motivation than stepping on the scale and seeing a lower number than you have seen in a long time. that's what happened this morning and i couldn't believe my eyes. this thing is working. i am more encouraged than ever to stick with it. i love what aj said in a comment a couple of posts really stuck with me.....and i think it's one of things helping. she said you have to tell yourself that "you CAN do it". that is so key. for the past few years i've been telling myself i am going to fail. THIS TIME, there is no room for failure.....i can do it. all it takes is just sticking with it. time goes so fast. can you believe it's already may 18th? i've already been doing this two weeks and i feel like i just started. so if i just stick with it, before i know it......weeks and months will go by and the weight will be gone.

stick with it! if i can do this, ANYBODY can!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

1 down

one more pound lost this week.....and i won't say how many more to go.

my favorite treat this week? homemade salsa. made with fresh cilantro, garlic, tomatoes, etc......yum yum and yum. zero points!

Sunday, May 14, 2006


all i can say is weekends are hard. the weekdays are so easy compared to weekends. it's because i ate out every single meal. i did well sometimes.....horrid others. however, the difference is no matter how i do on the weekends it's not affecting my tomorrows. THIS TIME, i am just going on with the program

Thursday, May 11, 2006


first of all thanks so much to everyone who's been commenting and throwing in your two cents. i lost 3.6 pounds my first week and i am really excited to do this thing!

so my new found fun treat is....crystal light. i turned up my nose at it for years but discovered how good the lemonade is because my boyfriend's mom makes it alot at her house. i bought some and i've been putting a bit in my bottle of water, giving it a good shake and it's a great little treat!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

i'm off

well i am off to my second meeting. my first week did not go as well as i would have liked. the main obstacle i faced is SOCIAL EVENTS! i tend to hang out with people alot....going out to dinner, etc. this was hard. really hard. if i am at home just eating the food i have here, it's easy to stay on track...but when i am busy....on the go.....out with's so easy to just give and not want to think about points.

so, i am asking any readers who are old pros at this WW thing to tell me. how do you do it? how do you stay on track when you eat most of your meals outside the house?

Sunday, May 07, 2006

it's a new day

it's time.
time to move.
i am tired of being in this same spot i've been in for years.....
wishing, hoping, waiting for some special diet trick or magic pill.
promising myself that i will start again on monday and giving up my tuesday.
i'm sick of fads. sick of it all.
it's just like the genius in nike's marketing department once said.
just do it.
just freaking do it.

so here i am trying my best to do it. i started the weight watchers program last week and went to my first meeting. the first week has been rough, i haven't been perfect.

i know that some of my blogging friends do weight watchers to and some like
aj have been very successful with it. so i am inviting you all to meet up with me here. my mom is doing weight watchers too. i know there have to be lots more people out there that would like to have a little encouragement. so come on. let's talk recipes. let's work on this stuff together. i want to hear some tips for how other people have stayed on track, lost the weight and successfully changed their lifestyle. i will tell you some stories about how i have been on every diet you can imagine since i was like 8 years old and i'd love to hear yours too. together we can do this.

i am ready to move forward, starting today.